Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Command Keystroke
© Ctrl-Alt-C
® Ctrl-Alt-R
Application window—maximize Alt-F10
Application window—previous Alt-Shift-F6
Application window—restore Alt-F5
AutoFormat Ctrl-Alt-K
AutoText—create Alt-F3
AutoText—insert entry F3
AutoText—insert entry Ctrl-Alt-V
Bold Ctrl-B
Bookmarks Ctrl-Shift-F5
Break—column Ctrl-Shift-Enter
Break—page Ctrl-Enter
Browse a document Ctrl-Alt-Home
Browse next/previous item Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp
Case change (capitalization) Shift-F3
Case—All Caps Ctrl-Shift-A
Close Ctrl-F4
Close Ctrl-W
Copy Ctrl-C
Copy formatting Ctrl-Shift-C
Customize a menu Ctrl-Alt  =
Customize a shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Num +
Cut Ctrl-X
Date Field Alt-Shift-D
Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-Tab
Dialog box previous tabbed section Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Document window—move Ctrl-F7
Document window—restore Ctrl-F5
Document window—size Ctrl-F8
Drawing—constrain shape to symmetrical Shift-drag
Drawing—draw from center Ctrl-drag
Ellipsis Ctrl-Alt- .
Em Dash Ctrl-Alt-Num –
En Dash Ctrl-Num –
Endnote Ctrl-Alt-E
Exit application Alt-F4
Fields—display code (toggle) Shift-F9
Fields—display codes (toggle) Alt-F9
Fields—double-click in field Alt-Shift-F9
Fields—insert blank field Ctrl-F9
Fields—lock a field Ctrl-3
Fields—lock a field Ctrl-F11
Fields—next field F11
Fields—previous field Shift-F11
Fields—unlink a field Ctrl-6
Fields—unlink a field Ctrl-Shift-F9
Fields—unlock a field Ctrl-4
Fields—unlock a field Ctrl-Shift-F11
Fields—update Alt-Shift-U
Fields—update link in source Ctrl-Shift-F7
Fields—update selected field F9
Find Ctrl-F
Font Ctrl-D
Font Face Ctrl-Shift-F
Font grow/shrink 1 pt. Ctrl- ] or [
Font next/previous size Ctrl-Shift- >or <
Font Size Ctrl-Shift-P
Footnote Ctrl-Alt-F
Go Back (3 maximum) Shift-F5
Go Back (3 maximum) Ctrl-Alt-Z
GoTo Ctrl-G
GoTo Next/Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Up/Down
GoTo Next/Previous Word Ctrl-Left/Right
Graphic—crop Shift-drag
Graphic—original proportions Ctrl-click
Hanging indent—decrease Ctrl-Shift-T
Hanging Indent—increase Ctrl-T
Hard hyphen – Ctrl-Shift  –
Hard space Ctrl-Shift-spacebar
Header/Footer—link to previous Alt-Shift-R
Heading Level 1 Ctrl-Alt-1
Heading Level 2 Ctrl-Alt-2
Heading Level 3 Ctrl-Alt-3
Help F1
Help—What’s This? Shift-F1
Hidden text Ctrl-Shift-H
Hyperlink Ctrl-K
Indent—decrease Ctrl-Shift-M
Indent—increase Ctrl-M
Insert Comment Ctrl-Alt-M
Insert ListNum field Ctrl-Alt-L
Italics Ctrl-I
Justify—Center Ctrl-E
Justify—Full Ctrl-J
Justify—Left Ctrl-L
Justify—Right Ctrl-R
Line-spacing 1 Ctrl-1
Line-spacing 1.5 Ctrl-5
Line-spacing 2 Ctrl-2
List Bullet Style Ctrl-Shift-L
Macros—edit Alt-F8
Macros—view VBA code Alt-F11
Mark—Index entry Alt-Shift-X
Mark—TOA citation Alt-Shift-I
Mark—TOC entry Alt-Shift-O
Maximize window Ctrl-F10
Menu Bar F10
Merge—data edit Alt-Shift-E
Merge—field insert Alt-Shift-F
Merge—preview Alt-Shift-K
Merge—to document Alt-Shift-N
Merge—to printer Alt-Shift-M
Microsoft Script Editor Alt-Shift-F11
Microsoft System Info Ctrl-Alt-F1
Move between master/subdocument Ctrl-\
New document Ctrl-N
Newline within paragraph Shift-Enter
Next window Ctrl-F6
Nonprinting characters on/off Ctrl-Shift-8
Normal Style Ctrl-Shift-N
Open a document Ctrl-O
Outlining—collapse Alt-Shift  –
Outlining—collapse Alt-Shift-Num  –
Outlining—expand Alt-Shift  =
Outlining—expand Alt-Shift-Num  +
Outlining—move up/down Alt-Shift-Up/Down
Outlining—promote/demote Alt-Shift-Left/Right
Outlining—Show 1st line Alt-Shift-L
Outlining—Show Heading 1 Alt-Shift-1
Outlining—Show Heading 2 Alt-Shift-2
Outlining—Show Heading 3 Alt-Shift-3
Outlining—Show Heading 4 Alt-Shift-4
Outlining—Show Heading 5 Alt-Shift-5
Outlining—Show Heading 6 Alt-Shift-6
Outlining—Show Heading 7 Alt-Shift-7
Outlining—Show Heading 8 Alt-Shift-8
Outlining—Show Heading 9 Alt-Shift-9
Outlining—Show All Headings Alt-Shift-A
Page number field Alt-Shift-P
Pane—Close Alt-Shift-C
Paragraph Space Above (add/delete 12 pt.) Ctrl-0 (zero)
Paste Ctrl-V
Paste formatting Ctrl-Shift-V
Print Ctrl-P
Print Preview Ctrl-Alt-I
Remove Character formats Ctrl-spacebar
Remove Character formats Ctrl-Shift-Z
Remove menu item Ctrl-Alt  –
Remove Paragraph formats Ctrl-Q
Repeat Find Shift-F4
Repeat Find Ctrl-Alt-Y
Repeat/Redo Ctrl-Y
Replace Ctrl-H
Revision Marks on/off Ctrl-Shift-E
Save Ctrl-S
Save As F12
Select All Ctrl-A
Selection extended F8
Selection reduced Shift-F8
Shortcut Menu Shift-F10
Small Caps Ctrl-Shift-K
Soft hyphen – Ctrl  –
Spelling and Grammar check F7
Spell-It—display next misspelling Alt-F7
Spike—cut to Ctrl-F3
Spike—paste Ctrl-Shift-F3
Split a window Ctrl-Alt-S
Style box Ctrl-Shift-S
Subscript Ctrl  =
Superscript Ctrl-Shift  =
Symbol Font Ctrl-Shift-Q
Table—remove border lines Ctrl-Alt-U
Table—to column bottom Alt-PgDn
Table—to column top Alt-PgUp
Table—to row beginning Alt-Home
Table—to row end Alt-End
Thesaurus Shift-F7
Time Field Alt-Shift-T
To bottom/top of screen Ctrl-Alt-PgDn/PgUp
Underline Ctrl-U
Underline—double Ctrl-Shift-D
Underline—word Ctrl-Shift-W
Undo Ctrl-Z
View—Normal Ctrl-Alt-N
View—Outline Ctrl-Alt-O
View—Page Ctrl-Alt-P
Window pane—next F6
Window pane—previous Shift-F6


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