GUI Design Studio | Rapid UI Design and Software Prototyping

GUI Design Studio | Rapid UI Design and Software Prototyping

What is it?

Wordsmith Example

GUI Design Studio is a code-free, drag and drop user interface design and prototyping tool for creators of Web, Desktop, Mobile and Embedded software applications.

  • Design screens or web pages
  • Add user interaction behaviour
  • Test as a running prototype

Who’s it for?

Web Real Estate Example

Software Designers, User Experience Professionals, Business Analysts, Developers, Project Managers and Consultants. Anyone designing or specifying user interfaces.

  • Document product ideas
  • Create project proposals
  • Create design mock-ups

Why use it?

Internet Phone Example

Quickly lay down ideas and test them out in a low-cost, risk-free environment and avoid expensive implementation rework by getting the right design agreed upon first.

  • Verify designs and requirements
  • Explore alternatives
  • Evaluate different usage scenarios

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