Download Facebook Videos in SD or HD Quality easily

Facebook is the biggest and most used Social network we use mostly in our daily life. People share posts, Images and Videos. Sometimes , we like a Video and want to download it for watching it later or to share it somewhere with friends.

But Downloading Facebook Video is a panic process. Firstly, Facebook Does not allow us to Download Videos. Secondly, There are Websites and Desktop Applications through which Downloading Youtube Videos is a time wasting process. So in Short, Downloading Videos from Facebook is not as easy as we wonder.

But here is a simple method I want to share with you. With this, You will be able to Download Facebook Videos Right from the Video post and by a click of your mouse.

Yes, Really this is very easy to Download Videos from Facebook now. Just follow the Steps Below.

  1. Click on the Download Link below.
  2. You will Get to a screen similar below.
  3. Click the Blue Download Button.
  4. After the CRX is downloaded
  5. Open that CRX File in Chrome and Install it.
  6. All Done.

After Installing that extension in your Chrome Browser. You will be able to Download Facebook videos.

A Grayish Download button will appear at the top of each video. Clicking on that Button will open a menu in which You can select SD or HD Quality for the Video. Click on one of the quality which you want. and in a second, Your  video will start downloading.

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